William H. Coverdale, President of Canada Steamship Lines during the era of the famous "Great White Fleet", played an important role in the conservation of Quebec's historical heritage. Between 1928 and 1949, he assembled one of the most impressive collections of Canadiana in the country. This large corpus, composed of ethnographical objects, archaeological items and historical iconographic works, is primarily known for its portrayal of Canadian history and the traditional French-Canadian way of life.

Hôtel Tadoussac is proud to display a sampling of this distinguished collection. In the "Coverdale" dining room, wooden cupboard panels and doors dating from the 18th and 19th centuries surround the bottom of the walls. The chandeliers hanging in the center of the dining room are also an integral part of this collection. Today, the Coverdale Collection has been integrated into the national collections of Canada and Quebec. The Coverdale menu honours the regional products that have built Quebec's reputation as a gastronomical destination. For you, first time visitor or longtime friend, we carefully select the most authentic products from our regions. Only the finest will do.

The luxurious Le Coverdale truly captures the rich history of our hotel, with its period woodwork and beautiful mural.

The Coverdale also serve delicious buffet breakfast.

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